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Namma Sports Village LLP.

Sy. No – 54/1, VKR Layout,

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Opposite to RK Dhaba,

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JK Ground

Opposite Mysore City Railway Station,

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Julian Wood Batting Master Class at KIOC

Let's hit the ball harder! Julian Wood Batting Master Class at KIOC on 28Th Dec Book your slot! Contact details for booking: 9486320461, 9008675618, 9620946834, 9482220492 or meet Mr. Jaffer at KIOC new premises


  • G.R.Vishwanath

    Former Cricketer, Team India

    Every year KIOC has been taking new initiatives to make the 'Cricket' experience more enjoyable & educational for their...

  • Dr.Madhu Seethappa, MD,MS,FRCS

    Consultant Ophthalmologist, Liverpool, UK

    KIOC has become a breeding ground of young cricketers. My son Ayan fully enjoyed his training for the last 4 weeks. I strongly recommend KIOC for anybody who is interested to pursue cricket...

  • Ross Edwards

    ECB level 3 Coach. 

    Having been at the KIOC academy on a number of occasions I can wholeheartedly recommend any young aspiring cricketer should spend time honing...

  • Sonia Odedra

    Cricketer, Nottinghamshire and England Academy

    I was recommended to KIOC by former Indian cricketer Hemang Badani a friend of mine. I wanted to develop specific things...

  • Dr.Madhu Seethappa, MD,MS,FRCS

    Consultant Ophthalmologist, Liverpool, UK

    My son Ayan fully enjoyed his training for the last 4 weeks. I strongly recommend KIOC for anybody who is...

  • Rahul Jay Singh

    "Irfan Sait : "Please don't say 'thanks' Sir, I'm saying THANKS a lot from the bottom of my heart for being a GREAT...

  • Kayle Peshotan Sepai

    Cricketer, Colchester - England.

    Trained at KIOC for 8 weeks and did one-on-one sessions with Irfan Sait.

    I considered myself very fortunate when I was given a chance to train at KIOC. I have found training at KIOC a world...

  • Nikhil Srinivasan

    13 year old kid from Dubai who did 15 sessions of One-On-One with Irfan Sait recently.

    I thank you for all the effort you have put in to make me a better player . When I met you at first you showed me my positive and negative points. You also had many...

  • Bharadwaj Sheshadri

    "Sir, I've been following the Ranji final very closely. Manish's innings in Karnataka's second outing has been very very impressive. Aggression coupled with maturity; balanced front foot and back foot play, confident on both feet as well. As I write this, he's just completed a...

  • Nicola Dicketts

    Dear Irfan,

    Thank you so much for sending the pictures of Hamish. He really enjoyed his session with you - everything else seems rather tame in comparison. If you are over in England in the summer then do email especially if you are in London - Hamish would love another...

  • Darren

    Hi Irfan,

    The KIOC is quite simply like no other cricket academy I have ever seen. They have all the equipment and coaching that a player needs to improve both his skill and fitness but most...

  • Abhijit Joshi

    Cricketer, Team USA

    Team Captain(Under-15 Team USA)

    I trained at the Karnataka Institute of Cricket (KIOC) in the 2007 summer in Bangalore....

  • Vaikunt Prasad

    Dear Sir,

    You had told me that I should try to attend the academy this year to build on my cricketing abilities.I would like to tell you that it would be hard to manage my academics and cricket at the same time as i have to also attend extra coaching classes for CET and other...

  • Chhaya Bidri

    Hi Irfan,

    To begin with, thanx. Ved and we all in the family were happy to see Ved's name in the Deccan Herald on 31st May. This was his first time in news :)

    Really appreciate the effort and commitment by all - children, coaches, KIOC staff to have made the coaching of...

  • Pranay

    KIOC, which is one of the biggest cricket coaching academies in India, can truly boast of excellent training facilities for its trainees. Apart from this, what is really impressive about the academy is the...

  • Dear Irfan Sir
    As a parent of Arjun Anil Warrier – I wanted to express my sincere thanks in arranging the Sri Lanka Trip for the boys which included Arjun. He tells me that all the arrangements made there in Colombo were very good and more importantly, he seems to have enjoyed all the cricket played...

  • Abhinav Bhardwaj
    I want to thank you for all the support and encouragement provided to me at KIOC .The kind of positive and healthy environment i have witnessed at the academy is something i will cherish for a long time.

    It would have been great if i could find a job which indeed would...

  • Nirmala Dey - Trainee Hello Sir!! Sir, I joined KIOC for the summer camp. Before joining KIOC we searched for many cricket coaching as KIOC was too far away from my house, but finally i joined KIOC..Everyone was thinking if it was a right decision, but after attending a few days i am sure that it was the...
  • Mohammed Tahir Saraff
    The visit which I made last week to KIOC was really a very good one. Felt very proud and happy to see such great development in the camp which I had been coaching almost one and half decade back. It was back in the year 2000 when I had joined KIOC which was temporarily shifted to...
  • David Murphy

    I wanted to thank you and your staff again for the excellently organised and well run camp that Stephen Peters and I experienced during our time in Bangalore. We were very impressed in both the quality of the facilities and the bowlers. The enthusiasm of the cricketers we trained with was...

  • Macneil

    Sir, I wanted to write this letter as soon as I arrived in Dubai but could not do so due to my school activities. I had to do my four projects which I could not complete in India.

    Thank you sir for being my coach and teaching me all the techniques of cricket. You are an awesome and...

  • Chhaya

    Hi Irfan

    Thanx for yesterday's meeting and the updates on performance.

    After the meeting, over dinner our family got into a discussion on the additional sessions. We appreciate the proactive approach of KIOC and the plans being made to address the need to excel in cricket performance by...

  • Lawrie

    Hi Irfan

    Made it home safely after a long journey. Managed a good nights sleep and feel refreshed.

    I would firstly like to thank you for giving me opportunity to visit KIOC.I had a wonderful experience and come away a better person and coach for that. Sharing many ideas with both coaches and...

  • Liam McGain

    Irfan Sir,

    thank you immensely for the care you gave to looking after us on tour. everything from dinners to buses and everything in between, your doing a great job with the academy and the expansion of it looks very promising. all the boys we played were respectful and highly skilled. I got so...


KIOC conducts annual tours to countries like Sri lanka, Australia, England and other states in India. These tours are extremely popular as the trainees get much needed exposure and understand the demands of touring life and learn life skills.

Hostel / Accommodation

KIOC provides hostel facility for overseas and out-station trainees on daily, monthly or annual basis.